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Fifteen-year old John Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. Terrible impulses constantly tempt him, so for his own sake, and the safety of those around, he lives by rigid rules to keep himself “good” and “normal”. However, when a real monster shows up in his town he has to let his dark side out in order to stop it – but without his rules to keep him in check, he might be more dangerous than the monster he’s trying to kill.

Title:I Am Not a Serial Killer
Release Date:2016-08-26
Production Countries:Ireland, United Kingdom,
Production Co.:Liquid Noise Films Floodland Pictures Fantastic Films Level 5 Films Winterland Pictures Tea Shop & Film Company
Genres:Horror, Thriller,
Casts:Christopher Lloyd, Laura Fraser, Max Records, James Gaulke, Tim Russell, Karl Geary, Bruce Bohne, Matt Roy, Molly Gearen, William Todd-Jones, Ryan J. Gilmer, Morgan Rysso, Emmylou Barden, Joel Thingvall, Lucy Lawton, Sally-Anne Hunt, Noah Odegaard, Michael Paul Levin, Patricia Enger, Elizabeth Belfiori, Dee Noah, Alan Holasek,
Plot Keywords:based on novel, minnesota, winter, halloween, thanksgiving, supernatural, psychopath, high school, murder, gore, stalking, serial killer, snow, christmas eve, midwest, troubled teen, tracking device, gps, embalming, christmas,
Alternative Titles:
I'm not a Serial Killer
Eu não sou um Serial Killer
Eu não sou um Serial Killer
Yo no soy un asesino en serie