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Complete strangers stranded at a remote desert motel during a raging storm soon find themselves the target of a deranged murderer. As their numbers thin out, the travelers begin to turn on each other, as each tries to figure out who the killer is.

Release Date:2003-04-25
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Konrad Pictures Columbia Pictures Corporation
Genres:Mystery, Thriller,
Casts:John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, John Hawkes, Alfred Molina, Clea DuVall, John C. McGinley, William Lee Scott, Jake Busey, Rebecca De Mornay, Carmen Argenziano, Marshall Bell, Leila Kenzle, Matt Letscher, Bret Loehr, Holmes Osborne, Frederick Coffin, Joe Hart, Michael Hirsch, Terence Bernie Hines, Stuart M. Besser, Pruitt Taylor Vince,
Plot Keywords:prostitute, detective, nevada, prisoner, rain, motel, weather, multiple character, ex-cop, stranded, murder, serial killer, scream, storm, psychiatrist, convict, psychopathy, thunderstorm, rainstorm, split personality, mental disorders, murder mystery, dissociative identity disorder, isolated place,
Alternative Titles:
Identitaet - Identity