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When rancher and single mother of two Maggie Gilkeson sees her teenage daughter, Lily, kidnapped by Apache rebels, she reluctantly accepts the help of her estranged father, Samuel, in tracking down the kidnappers. Along the way, the two must learn to reconcile the past and work together if they are going to have any hope of getting Lily back before she is taken over the border and forced to become a prostitute.

Title:The Missing
Release Date:2003-11-26
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Columbia Pictures Imagine Entertainment Revolution Studios Daniel Ostroff Productions
Genres:Thriller, Western, Adventure,
Casts:Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, Evan Rachel Wood, Jenna Boyd, Aaron Eckhart, Val Kilmer, Eric Schweig, Steve Reevis, Jay Tavare, Simon Baker, Ray McKinnon, Max Perlich, Elisabeth Moss, Clint Howard, Rance Howard, Deborah Martinez, Scarlett McAlister, Arron Shiver, David Midthunder, Sergio Calderón, Ramon Frank, Deryle J. Lujan, Rod Rondeaux, Angelina Torres,
Plot Keywords:mexico, based on novel, new mexico, apache, baby-snatching, daughter, frontier, criminal, 19th century,
Alternative Titles:
The Last Ride